Site Updates (Audiobook Samples & Book Previews)

Alright, I have been working on the site so that it can look even better as Dreamer (still available for preorder) comes out on March 18, 2022.

I always want to make sure this site is very easy to use, especially the “Published Works” page. On that page, you can not only see the works I have made but also preview and purchase (one work is available for free, though: “Null(Void)”).

What I have added:

Book previews

When I buy or borrow a book, I flip through it. I want to make sure that the work is something worth blowing my time (and perhaps dollars on). Or if there is something I super don’t want to read that I discover in the book, at least I didn’t take it with me. I wouldn’t be surprised if others felt the same, try before you buy/borrow. So updated on my site is a book preview for novelette In Search of Amika. I got the idea from Xiran Jay Zhao’s site for her book Iron Maiden. I happened upon her works because her work, Iron Maiden, is being sold next to mine, Dreamer, I remember her from when I did Pitch Wars (we both did the same years, I believe) and it’s Twitter counterparts, and apparently her tumblr has floated to mine thanks to friends of mine reblogging her stuff. Thus I took a look at her site and saw it was a really good idea. That way, people can see a .pdf preview of the work and decide if they really want to have it or not.

Dreamer will also have a book preview soon, but I’m doing a billion things all at once so it’s taking its time. I also always have that weird, agonizing worry that I missed yet another typo. Yes, my editor, Ja’el Knotts, is great but that doesn’t stop me from adding in new stupid after she’s given my work back to me. I’ll note her edits, do those edits … and somehow pour in more derp. Either way, it will be up there so that people can preview Dreamer.

Audio previews

I also have included snippets of audiobooks of my works, “Null(Void)” and In Search of Amika. Yes, I finally found a narrator for In Search of Amika, which was actually quite hard to do. Either I could find someone who could nail the Southern accent, but sucked at playing genderless/agender characters (yay, unconscious queerphobic bias!) or could nail playing a genderless/agender character but had a not-great Southern accent. Through my troubles, I was hipped to the African-American Voice Artist Database (AAVADB), which I use exclusively to find narrators. It’s a one-stop shop for me now, even as I look for a narrator for Dreamer, which is, thanks to the database, way easier to do this time around.

The narrator for In Search of Amika is Marion Toro, and the audiobook will be out for purchase soon (it is going through Findaway Books’ distribution system now, it takes about 2-4 weeks from the “Your audiobook has passed Quality Check!” email to the “Your audiobook is now available to purchase!” email. Even longer for other places, like Audible, Hoopla and Storytel. The audiobook preview is 16 minutes. (The entire book is about 1 hour and 12 minutes)

“Null(Void)” Is available for free, as it was published by Nightlight Podcast but I have a 3 minute preview (the entire story is about an hour) on the Published Works page. From there, you can go to Nightlight to listen to the rest.


Woo, updates. By the way, I added another book that will be following Dreamer in publication on my GoodReadsKinetics. The work is done and already put into print book/ebook form, the cover simply needs to be final and Dreamer has to come out, obvs. It is another fantasy horror novella (like I said in “Inb4“, it’s what is coming down the pipe next). It’s sitting up on GoodReads because I didn’t feel like not having it up on GoodReads. Since so many of my books are done (as in, they’re now sitting in print/e-book form, there’s at least a cover mock up, etc), I don’t mind at least putting up the info of the next book. Probably won’t be like this forever, I have to make room for running out of steam and my disorders, but this is what I’m doing for the meantime because I like it. I don’t want to have a dredge of faceless books on my GoodReads because that frankly doesn’t look right to me. So just one faceless book to let everyone know, “O hai, new book after this new book :3” I’ve already mentioned the titles here throughout this blog so I don’t mind putting them up there.

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