Non-Tech I Use

I talked about the tech I use to make my work and such. I also am very much old school in how I create (for example, I write long hand and bind my own journals) so let’s look at that. TWSBI 700VacR Pen, Extra Fine nib – I had such a hard time finding my... Continue Reading →

Tech I Use

Since I’m independent, this means I have to do almost everything myself. When I’m done writing the story and it’s about to go to book form, that’s also all down to me. If I were traditionally published, there would be others doing the work for me (and screwing me quite a bit out of my... Continue Reading →

Walking Out of the Dark

I always think of Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Follow You into the Dark” when I use that phrase, “walking out of the dark”. I’m a horror writer. This means I have very dark content in my works. To write it, I have to come up with it and pretty much be submerged in... Continue Reading →

Kinetics Audiobook is Out!

Finally! The audiobook for Kinetics is out! Took longer than expected (due to me and my disorders) but it’s finally out and done! Narrated by Soraya Butler, the same narrator for Dreamer. I really appreciate her work in all this, especially for the creepier scenes (which I do feel bad for making her recite ;_;’’’... Continue Reading →

I’m on Spoutible!

Twitter seems to be sputtering itself to death. I’ll still use it in terms of posting de temps en temps buuuuuuut I’m going to be using Spoutible more and more. I really like how it has a bot avoidance feature built in! Follow me! @MultiMindz Also! Kinetics audiobook will be out on Feb 11 everywhere... Continue Reading →

Grammys! Hurr Durr.

Huh, none too clever with the title. It's all vague and such. Oh wellz. I learned recently that, once the Kinetics audiobook is out, I can actually join as a voting member of the Recording Academy - The Grammys, in other words. (How I found out: Viola Davis won a Grammy for her audiobook narration... Continue Reading →

Legacy Stories: An Explainer

I tend to call some of my works “legacy stories”. Here is why: A “legacy story” is a story that has been boppling in my head since I was a teenager. It has been in my head for so long that it has earned “legacy” status. That means it’s been in my head for roughly... Continue Reading →

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