Updates! Release date for “Dreamer” (3.18.2022) & Audiobook for “In Search of Amika” is now available for purchase

Dreamer is due to be out on March 18, 2022.* Pre-orders for ebook and print are still open! Not only but Dreamer got it's first review, on The Writer Mage for the Black Author spotlight. The review is short but sweet: I started reading this one recently, and it's descriptive and imaginative, and this cover... Continue Reading →

Listen to Short Story “Null(Void)” on Nightlight Podcast

My short horror story "Null(Void)" has been picked up and narrated on Nightlight, a horror story podcast that features Black writers. You can listen on Nightlight and they are also available on iTunes, Google Podcast and Spotify. This is my first short story publication - actually, it's my first story publication, period. Yaaaaay. I finally have... Continue Reading →

“Runoff” accepted for Nightlight!

"Runoff" just got accepted for publication on Nightlight, a Black horror story podcast. I am super stoked about this! I am also glad that I snatched "Runoff" off Wattpad, tightened it up and sent it in to publications. It got rejected about twice (definitely at least once) before finally being accepted. Moar details once it... Continue Reading →

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