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Dreamer was just featured on one of my favorite Tumblrs (yes, I still use that site but as my other blog, Black Witch) Superheroes in Color. The Tumblr shows countless books that feature people of color, I have found so many good books via that Tumblr, I’m very stoked that Dreamer is on there as well and amassing notes!

I was asked to present an author pic, something that isn’t even on this author blog, and this is what I presented below:

It me.

I regularly show my logo more than my face (way more than my face, I believe this is the first time on this site I’ve shown my face) and the reason why is I simply prefer my logo more. Even on Black Witch, there’s only one actual picture of me but all avatars for Black Witch are represented by the bolt logo

This logo

It’s what I’m used to, what can I say?

I have been asked about the MultiMind logo and why it looks the way it does so now is as good as time as any to explain it, especially since it’s really not common for authors to be identified by a logo. Actually, I can’t think of any author that does this. I’m sure one has to exist besides me, statistically.

The logo is the halves of the two M’s in MultiMind. They’re broken up because it’s a reference to one of the disorders I have, dissociative identity disorder (DID). The pen name is MultiMind because I really am multi-faceted in my skills but I also have DID (which used to be called “multiple personality disorder” up until 1994. Now, it’s a very outdated term). The DID reference is also why there is a block in the middle. DID has an amnesia component – a wall, if you will – between various alter states. Thus the block in the logo.

That’s basically a short explanation of the logo and why it’s far more present than my actual face. Woo.

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