I’ve been reviewing my books/works that will be coming out and it basically reads like this:

Horror Sci-Fi (“Null(Void)”)
Fantasy (In Search of Amika)
Horror Fantasy (Dreamer)
Horror Fantasy
Horror-ish (not really too much) fantasy

And that’s the short list. The whiplash between regular contemporary fantasy/sci-fi and horror would prolly jag some readers who are here for the horror or are here for the fantasy/sci-fi.

Now, mind y’all, some of these works have been in the making for literal years (the oldest work listed is Dreamer (15 years), the youngest is prolly “Null(Void)” at less than a year prior publication) so there isn’t a set rhyme or reason to how or what is coming out. If I feel like putting out a horror work, it’s happenin’. If I feel like Sci-fi, it’s happenin’. If it’s Fantasy, thar ya go.


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