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Here is the space where I list published books and stories I have written. The more I publish works, the more the list below is going to grow. Click the cover or the link to purchase or get a copy! Free works are mauve.

If a work has a caution page, the title will be underlined

“Null(Void)”Nightlight podcast (Horror, Sci Fi Audio Short Story – 2019)

A chef, a choir boy and a newly minted office grunt are ripped away from their everyday lives and landed on a deserted island. They do not know each other or where they are. Nor why they hear a large computer voice that informs them “The world that you know is not available right now. Rebooting world now.” All they know is that nothing is as it seems and everything keeps changing.

Listen for free at Nightlight Podcast


In Search of Amika

In Search of Amika (YA Fantasy Novelette – 2020)

Keyona is a hapless college grad focused on getting her next job. One night, she slips through her bed and plops into the land of Rulo. Summoned by Ipkuni in search of their dearest friend Amika, Keyona begrudgingly offers to help look for this person in hopes that she can get back to her own world and life.

Buy in softback, ebook, and (coming soon) audiobook!






Dreamer (YA Horror Fantasy Novella – 2022)

Vera has quite unusual dreams. Whatever she dreams, affects her in real life. All is fine until one day, she sees something she thought she could handle – instead, she’s plagued with a reoccurring nightmare, haunted and tracked by The Hunter. Now she worries she may never wake up again.

Coming Soon in 2022! Pre-Order now!

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