Ow, My Hand

I handwrite the vast majority of my works. I use a fancy fountain pen to do it. I write my works in one sitting. (My current record: 60,000 words in 7 days). I type my handwritten works almost right after into Zenwriter in roughly 2-3 days, sometimes 4. The works are usually typed in half... Continue Reading →

Non-Tech I Use

I talked about the tech I use to make my work and such. I also am very much old school in how I create (for example, I write long hand and bind my own journals) so let’s look at that. TWSBI 700VacR Pen, Extra Fine nib – I had such a hard time finding my... Continue Reading →

Tech I Use

Since I’m independent, this means I have to do almost everything myself. When I’m done writing the story and it’s about to go to book form, that’s also all down to me. If I were traditionally published, there would be others doing the work for me (and screwing me quite a bit out of my... Continue Reading →

CIP, Cataloging-In-Publication, LCCN, Library of Congress – I worked there, let me tell you how things work”

I always think it’s a little weird for me to send in my works to the LCCN/CIP department at the Library of Congress. LCCN stands for “Library of Congress Control Number”. CIP stands for “Cataloging in Publication”. What it is (pulled from the website): “The Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Program creates bibliographic records for forthcoming... Continue Reading →

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