Much Ado About Narrators

I have been having the roughest time getting a decent book narrator. In Search of Amika has had more hiccups than I would like to admit, from the distro to the audiobookin'. It's going to hold up the next book Dreamer for a while but thankfully not by much since it seems to mainly be... Continue Reading →

Not Dead, Just Working

Gosh, have I done work, even in the middle of a plague. Things have halted but, yay, having an editor and artist. So, things are happening, I just suck at updating.

Year end stuff

Woo. Year end stuff. Yup. Yeeeeeeeap. Things. Gah, I don't know what to say. Things are pretty quiet so far. I got a story officially published this year, "Null (Void)", by Nightlight Podcast. It is in dramatic audio form so that means sound effects and suches. That was an experience and a half. Did PitMad... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Content Warnings

I made a "content warning" mock up a long while ago (sticky note) and just recently, I put it into an actual work. This is in the Beta Reader copies of novella Kinetics. I slapped that in there because, well, the story gets really, really dark. If it were a small smack of both contents, I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and musings

Works that plan on being indie pub: Galaxia Mika's Robot Works that will try to be traditionally published Everything else (lolz) No seriously: Dreamer The Glassman Butterfly Reflectors Kinetics etc These are all works lined up to be in front of or already are in front of publishers/agents for consideration. Ditto with literally all my... Continue Reading →

Changes to Patreon

My Patreon has laid fallow for quite some time. I gave it a gander and through the distance of time, I saw there were a lot of things that could be tweaked and less-formulaic. Especially now since I follow two Patreons so I see what is received on the patron end, now. The changes: Lesser... Continue Reading →

Picking between Indie and Trad Publishing

So, I have been looking into the difference between independent and traditional publishing. I've had my work in front of agents time and time again for months at this point. I've subbed it to non-agented places and still get rejects. And on top of that, it doesn't help that there are obvious issues traditional publishing... Continue Reading →

I swear I’m not dead, Just Busy

It's certainly been a min since I posted here, huh? Reason: I've been writing. And editing. And editing. And I've been sending work out to agents and publishers. I signed a contract for a story last month and expect to be getting publisher edits soon. I also participated in #DVpit and #PitMad, which weren't really... Continue Reading →

BetaBooks is a bust for me

I gave BetaBooks a try for centralizing my Beta Readers, and it didn't work out. Here were my complications: - Many readers didn't really sign up because they didn't want to go through establishing ground on a new website - I have to pay to have more than one book up (I think it would... Continue Reading →

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