The Glassman, changes and availability

I managed to finish the novelette, The Glassman. It’s a story about a rocker that develops an ability to control glass. This affects his band as well as the very people he cares about. But it’s not the glass that’s the problem.

It’s not the best glimpse but it’s 2 AM and I’m tired.

I am really happy to be pumping out a lot more creative works but they’re going to be delayed in showing online. Here’s what I have managed to get done so far recently (or sorta recently):

The Glassman (Novelette, approx. 12,000 words)
Mika’s Rocket (Novella vignette, approx. 24,000 words)
Kinetics (Novella, approx. 22,000 words)
Butterfly (Novel, approx. 50,000 words)
“In Search of Amika” (Short story, approx. 7,500 words)
“Runoff” (Short story, approx 2,200 words)
“Watershed” (Short Story, approx 3,600 words)

This isn’t even the whole list. But what you can see is most of them have a “novel-” root word. That means a lot of them are going to get shopped around. For example, as of right now while I’m writing this, here are the works that are getting shopped around/submitted or about to be soon:

The Glassman
“In Search of Amika”

So I don’t risk messing with my chances, these stories have to be dormant off the net (or at least when they are about to be submitted). Yay, various submission guidelines even considering a story being posted to a blog or Wattpad still considered a publication of some sort. It does make sense, honestly, so those get to sit out. Which sucks a little bit because I’m really happy about some of these works. Right now, I’m most hyped about The Glassman but that’s probably because I just got it done and it’s been sitting in the idea pile for a decade and a half.

For the sake of having something out there new besides what’s already available on my Wattpad, I’m planning to put out Mika’s Rocket, which is a 4 part vignette. I honestly thought I would have a new story up every month but since I mainly lean towards novels and novellas, that’s probably not the smartest idea I could draft up. This means that I’ll be posting to Wattpad whatever seems fitting. It isn’t a super reliable schedule but it works better for me. If a story gets rejected for publication, I’ll probably post it up on Wattpad instead.

I’ll also probably do a “Story Spotlight” here as well, especially for the ones that are available on Wattpad.


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