The Masterbook

Ok everyone, this post is about the book that makes the stories possible now, the Masterbook.


This book is handmade by me, took about a week to put together (the caterpillar stitch was the longest part, 3 days alone) and exists the brainwork of all the novels, novellas currently worked on. It’s pretty much an evolved plot book. It holds the characters, the plot structure, any research, random thoughts, whatever. It remembers everything so I don’t have to, especially small details that really do make the story turn. Like secondary character names, random events and more.

There is only one Masterbook now and the game plan is to fill it up before going to another one. There is one exception for it due to one very, very big writing project I plan to do. That one is most likely getting its own Masterbook. Nothing gets penned anymore unless they have a place in the Masterbook (the only exceptions are short stories, which have MasterSignatures already embedded). This keeps my work orderly and not so rambunctious, which can sometimes lead me to not create at all or just make half completed works. Because it is handmade, it’s exactly to my specifications and it works for me.

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