Moar Changes and Submissions

So, “In Search of Amika” will have to eventually be taken down from Wattpad because it is about to get submitted for official publication to a literary magazine. Honestly, I think a lot of my works are running about the submission mill. A new short story titled “Watershed” is about to get added to the mix. It is a short story that is hopefully less than 5,000 words (ye gods, I’m not good at word count – “In Search of Amika” was supposed to be under 5,000. It is very, very over.)

That means there is going to be bare bones for my Wattpad, which sucks just a tad. It leaves a lot of my non-spec fic stories like “Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes” and “Move”. They’re neat stories but I’m not pushing them for a reason. (Aside from “I’m tired. Very tired.”) The only thing I can look forward to is that if the writing gets the boot from a publication, I’m probably going to toss them up on Wattpad. Now, Mika’s Rocket – frankly, should be called Mika’s Robot because I keep saying it myself and I’m the creator – will definitely be up on Wattpad but it’s going through Patreon first so that A) I get into the habit of using Patreon (which I beyond suck at), and B) I can give Patreon a try (because I beyond suck at it).

The next long work I might be doing is Dreamer. I’ve done a lot in this one year and it’s only early May. I really need to meter myself so that I have time to really go over my work and buff them up wherever necessary. I am not a perfect writer, not in the least. But I do want these stories out on the page. Some (not Dreamer) have been pent up for roughly fifteen years. I’m glad I have a system in place (which I probably should talk about later) that allows me to finish writing novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories but I need to give my writing time so I can improve it over time. My biggest concern is always that I write too fast, I complete too fast. I can drum a novel out in less than three weeks, yay, (but, yet, I don’t think I have ever done Nanowrimo ever in my life – I don’t even think I spelled it right, there’s a “W”, right?) but I want to make sure it doesn’t suck or read like it’s a novel I drummed out in three weeks.  That would be terrible.

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