Pre-Order “Dreamer” starting today! And I’m on GoodReads!

Today is the day you can pre-order Dreamer! You can pre-order the book in ebook and print. It apparently was available beforehand for pre-order but now today is the official day.

The audiobook (should all go well) will be out when the book is out, March 18, 2022. 

Pre-Order a copy of Dreamer

If anyone wants an ARC version for review, please let me know via Contact Me

Also, I am on GoodReads as an author. I hardly use it but I do keep it updated with (some) of the books I have read (I have a huuuuuuge library) and definitely updated with the books I have written. So, In Search of Amika is there and so is Dreamer. Woo.

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