BetaBooks is a bust for me

I gave BetaBooks a try for centralizing my Beta Readers, and it didn’t work out. Here were my complications:

– Many readers didn’t really sign up because they didn’t want to go through establishing ground on a new website

– I have to pay to have more than one book up (I think it would be nice if they could stretch that option to free up to three books all at once)

– If a reader is done with one book, I have to invite them to the other book. I get it for security purposes but it would be nice if there was a thing a reader could check off that would say, “I would like to have access to [so and so] other work when finished with this one.”

– It doesn’t eat formatting as bad as Wattpad but it is still a bit difficult.

As a result, I decided to make my own Beta Reader spot using Google Drive. It does what I want it to do, beta readers can look at several works at a time, it is formatted exactly how I want it to, etc.

I may use a mailing list thing like Mail Chimp to keep all the beta readers together so I can send out (very sparse) reminders that “hey, there’s a new work up” or “just a reminder, I still exist”.

I don’t want a million beta readers, just a few with good feedback.

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