Beta Books and MMP Beta Portal

Ok, so! I have been using BetaBooks for a month or two. It isn’t too bad but I am not sure if I want to stay on it. I like having multiple books out for readers to review but with BetaBooks, it’s one at a time, even if the Beta Reader is done with the book and would like to review more. Granted, I could make a link page listing all the books but it seems pretty arduous for both the reader and I when I could make the same thing but through a cloud service for free. So I did. It’s called the MMP Beta Reader Portal! I am not posting links because I want to streamline my Beta Readers (I prefer and seek out primarily Black, but PoC in general, beta readers. If you are not White and like sci-fi and fantasy, your opinion is the one I want. Especially, if you’re not a guy). I like knowing who is reading and getting their feedback. That and it reduces annoyances that I don’t feel like dealing with.

I will probably phase out BetaBooks or use it on its free level where I have one work posted at a time. The formatting on BetaBooks isn’t Wattpad-bad but it can be frustrating when I have characters who need different types of text blocks and indents. With the cloud drive, I can upload a PDF and keep it the way I want it to look. That’s a plus. I just want to make the cloud simple and functional so a Beta Reader won’t feel annoyed about using the folder.


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