I have put a modification on future copies of Dreamer and my upcoming debut dark fantasy novel, The Glassman. It’s a single page but here is a glimpse of it:

That’s right! The middle section is now what you will see at the end of all copies, digital and print, of Dreamer and The Glassman. (The audio editions will also eventually have them. Maybe.)

Dreamer and The Glassman have a tie-in duology that, for the longest time, I called “The Omake” – especially when it was one book. At first, I only got the idea for the original Omake and then recently, while hand-editing The Omake while listening to Muse (especially “Take a Bow” and “Supremacy” and double, triple, quadruple so for “Prelude” and “Survival” joined together) and, boom, the second omake, which I called “The Glassman 3” or “GsM 3” for short, just fell outta me. And lo, I accidentally made a series.

Dreamer and The Glassman are legacy stories, meaning they had been in my head for about 20 years and both works were written a long time ago. The omakes were written roughly last year (the first one) and an extremely short while ago (the second one).

What can I say? I’m creative and with very fertile ideas.

What happens? The lovely people of Dreamer and The Glassman get to meet each other because music! And dreams. And, of course, intrigue into abilities. More details will blip up here later. Just know that they exist. And that the duology is called officially: Glass & Dreams, book 1 and 2.

An excerpt of the first omake actually does exist but only on a certain, particular digital copy of The Glassman. It is a special ebook copy I have called “The P.O.D. Edition” because only two people involved with P.O.D. either directly (Sonny, lead vocalist of the band) or indirectly (Selah, longtime friend of mine who I met through being a fan of the band) has it. I have my reasons to as why I did it like that. But it is out there. Both omakes are solid novels, longer than both Dreamer and The Glassman. The omakes are also comparatively lighter dark fantasy works than Dreamer and The Glassman but still, they have their dark moments.

What does this mean for you?

Right now, just awareness.

Both Dreamer and The Glassman are written in a way right now that you can read one book without the other. While Dreamer has an easter egg reference to The Glassman (Hint: Derrick remarks of a particular bassist getting a particular injury), there is no reference at all to Dreamer in The Glassman. That’s on purpose. So, you’re free to read one book or the other. If you want to read both, you can read Dreamer first and The Glassman second if you want to go in my designated order or The Glassman first and Dreamer second if you want to go in chronological order of events.

Right now, at the time of me writing this, The Glassman is not out yet – but! It is apparently available for pre-order on several sites currently and there is still an excerpt on the front page of this site where you can read of the first 30+ pages.

But! To read the dual omakes, you will have to read both Dreamer and The Glassman or you shall be lost af about what is going on at all in the omakes. No way around it.

Now, why are they coming out so far into the future?

Short answer: Money and time.

Long answer: Both omakes are still, at the time of this writing, in some stage of hand-edit, either soon to be on their first round (Omake 2/GsM 3) or their second round (Omake 1). Even my editor hasn’t seen the books. Heck, this may be their first time also learning about them (Hi! You have work coming … eventually.) I want to give myself enough time to let that all happen naturally instead of force it out, where things will definitely go sideways if I go that route. In addition, I plan to go to South Korea* in 2025 for three months so I can write Soaring, a fantasy, alternative history novel series I have been planning since 2014. I may Kickstarter the trip or something but either way, I need time and finance carved out for that. I already have the ink (Kaweco’s Midnight Blue) and the first journals carved out for it – from writing the second Omake, it showed me I may need to stitch more journals than I originally anticipated. Way more. – so that part is mostly taken care of. Not to mention, I tend to plan book releases well in advance. After The Glassman is supposed to be The Harlequin, a horror novel, and Butterfly, a fantasy novel. I have no idea how my time is going to be after S. Korea/Soaring so I want to give myself some gap of time for that. And the audio narration for the omakes is still up in the air. The current gameplan is to ask back both narrators for Dreamer and The Glassman to work together but given all the cultural content packed into both books (for example, I would have to expect both my narrators to handle Spanish, Chinese and Korean languages and countless accents from Chicano to British), I may ask for more narrators in addition. Still up in the air. That’s gonna be hella expensive. And very time-intensive.

Oh, and both omakes are coming out within months of each other, due to the canon timing in the books.

This is what I have so far. I’m sure more details will arise but for now, this is what I have to report.

Oh, and that the omakes will be Queer AF™. Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike, I’ll probably be in the running for a Lambda Award lol. Fun fact: some promo copies of The Glassman, just like with Dreamer, have queer editions of their stickers. Why? Read Dreamer and The Glassman and you’ll find out.

*I have my reasons for S. Korea, besides the fact I can speak and understand the language well enough to get around, go to the market and stay in my apartment. I plan to just sit in my apt day after day writing everyday until a book is done, take three to five days off in between books so my hand can recover, and do it all over again until all books are out of me and done. My friends in S. Korea have already stated they planned to kidnap me so to force me to have fun against my own will lol They’re both national natives of the nation and want me to do more than “Just sit in your apartment and write”. From what I understand, there’s already a beach trip slated for me because my birthday falls in one of the months of this trip.

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