New Book Coming Out: “The Glassman”, a dark fantasy novel! Coming out September 23, 2023, Pre-Orders start June 2023!

Woo, new book!

This time, it is a novel. A debut novel! My previous works have been novellas and a novelette but this time, we have a novel. I am very excited. It’s been a long time coming. About 20 years, in fact. (Just like with Dreamer and Kinetics, these are works that have been boppling about in my head for almost two decades if not two actual decades.) Not to mention, The Glassman has won a creativity grant from the Maryland Arts Council.

The Glassman is a debut dark fantasy novel. What is it about? Read below:

Mars, the lead vocalist of rock band Lumination Rising, has had to learn how to live with his new self. Living in the aftermath of a devastating accident, Mars gained a new ability: he can control and create glass. 

But that’s not all that changed about Mars – and that is exactly what worries the band. 

Haunted by what he can do, Mars grapples with himself and his mind. Eager to help, cousin and bandmate Amos tries to keep Mars’ head straight … and the new abilities a secret. 

The world can’t know about the glass or the change. There’s music to be made and a record company to please. 

Mars isn’t a monster – but he isn’t so sure himself.

There is also a sample excerpt of The Glassman on the front page, or you can read it here.

The cover, created by my artist Edge:


I love this cover, she did a fantastic job, as always. Everyone, she does all my covers, from In Search of Amika to now, The Glassman.

And this book, I am super excited for the promotional materials that will be for non-pro/influencer reviewers and giveaways. Guitar picks, audiobook cards and stickers. Pictures will be on my Instagram: @MultiMindPublishing. Want in? The best way is to participate in giveaways, which will all be announced here. 

Who will be doing the audiobook narration? Good question, it will be a new narrator this time because this book is male-character led so that means time for a male narrator. More details later.

What inspired the book? Mainly the music video “Sleeping Awake” by my favorite band – and friends – P.O.D. It’s also inspired in part by them also. Gonna talk about that in another post because it’s a bit of a tale to tell.

Pre-orders for the print and ebook will be available June 2023. The Glassman comes out officially September 23, 2023.

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