MultiMind will be at Multiverse Convention 2023!

Yay, my first guest author slot!

I will be at Multiverse Convention, a Sci-fi/Fantasy Book convention in Atlanta, Georgia.

This is an in-person event for the most part but pandemic rules will be in place, definitely check out their website for more info.

It also will be my first time on a plane.

I have never flown before, lol.

Reasons: A) Fear of flying (that I thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink I may have gotten somewhat over thanks to flying games in VR) and B) I would just drive everywhere. For ease of travel of my books and my sanity, I’m choosing to fly. And all this time, I thought my first go on a plane would be to visit South Korea to write Soaring (I still plan to do that in 2025) or to the United Kingdom for the Download Festival because my friends, P.O.D., were playing – then Covid happened.

I’m very excited and I hope to meet you all. I do have a disorder so if I seem a bit derpy, it could be awkwardness, it could be disorder. I am one heck of a chatterbox, tho. I will most likely have a mask on at all times and if you want to talk to me, please wear one also.

Woo! More details to come up soon. The Events page has certainly been updated.

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