New Giveaway “Dreamer” on Storygraph, “Kinetics” Audiobook update (Now, there’s a sample!)

Another month, another giveaway! This time, it is for Dreamer on Storygraph! What is up for grabs are 10 print copies (which comes with a DIY-styled sticker of the music shop YinYue: Music Under the Moon and a postcard containing a free code to the audiobook version!), 5 ebook copies and 5 audiobook copies (provided by Author’s Direct). The giveaway ends November 18th!

Also, today is the very last day of the Kinetics giveaway on Storygraph. Three print copies of Kinetics are up for grabs (which also comes with an extra surprise treat for winners) and so are three digital copies.

As for the Kinetics audiobook, it is still chugging along and due to be out within a couple months. There is now a sample of the audiobook that can be listened to on the front page, where all the books are listed. Kinetics is narrated by Soraya Butler, who has been really great during this recording process (I honestly always feel bad when she has to do the creepy parts because, whoo boy)!

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