“Kinetics” Book Giveaway on The StoryGraph – Sept 19 to Oct 18!

Book Giveaway! Enter in The StoryGraph’s very first giveaway on their platform for a free copy of Kinetics as either print or ebook.

The StoryGraph is just like GoodReads – except Black created and Black owned (GoodReads is owned by Amazon) – and wants to be what GoodReads isn’t. Picking books to read on The StoryGraph is a better breeze than on GoodReads as they ask you and learn from you what books you genuinely prefer instead of what is paid to get put in front of you. From pacing to diversity to content warnings, The StoryGraph wants to make sure every book you read is an actual good read for you.

I have been on StoryGraph for a while, actually. I have seen first hand how the app works and that it really does seem to glean pretty well what books I prefer (the app thinks I like fast paced books that are less than 300 pages – it’s right, I don’t like slow books and I prefer them fairly short). I don’t tend to put in my recent books on StoryGraph or GoodReads but I do like that they recommend books that I would genuinely have an interest in.

Have Fun!

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