First Event Ever! – MultiMind Book signing at Amalgam in Philly, PA on Sept 17!

My first author event! I haz excite! This is a book signing event for both Dreamer and Kinetics but it is also a book launch event for Kinetics, which comes out on September 16! You can either pre-order here or at Amalgam. Read up on the upcoming YA Paranormal Horror novella, Kinetics, here. (Also, the audiobook narrating is currently underway with the same narrator as for Dreamer, Soraya Butler.) This is all very exciting!

The event at Amalgam will be on September 17th, from 12-2 PM. Since this will be an in-person event but we’re all still in a pandemic, there will be a mandatory mask requirement. That means: no mask equal no service. Amalgam has this policy already in place and I super support it. Should you not be able to attend (because we’re still in a pandemic), I will do the best I can to livestream the event on my instagram, @MultiMindPublishing.

Amalgam is very important to me because it’s one of the first Black woman owned comic stores on the east coast, and one of the few in the nation as a whole. I have personal memories of visiting there several times. Yes, I am aware of its closing in Oct but I still want to be there out of importance – and because the store asked me when I paid a random visit. I am always stoked when I see my book in physical bookstores, it was a bit of a surprise for me that they still had a copy of Dreamer there. Also, I have signed that remaining copy they also have a signed version.

Me knowing myself, I am probably going to be at the bookstore all day so if you visit on September 17th you will definitely see me. I most likely will have a blue galaxy, 3D printed mask (that frankly makes me look like I have an iron on my face, it’s a work in progress) or my ice blue 3D printed mask with fuchsia dual filters. I 3d print my own masks, therefore I will basically be the one “with the weird looking mask”.


Sept 17, 2022

12 – 2 PM EST

Amalgam (Philadelphia, PA)

Masks are Mandatory

Livestream on Instagram: @MultiMindPublishing

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