“Kinetics” Sample is Now Available, “Dreamer” review!

Everyone can now read the first 37 pages of Kinetics, the new YA Paranormal Horror novella that is due out on Sept 16, 2022. Available on the Published Works page (which is now the front page of this site). You can also preorder Kinetics there – or here! The audiobook will be narrated by Soraya Butler, who previously narrated Dreamer.

Also, Dreamer has recently received a very positive review from Life of a Female Bibliophile on her blog:

While the novel starts out calm midway through it escalates into thrills and chills as Vera must figure out how to overcome a deadly nightmare. It’s a thing of mind against matter and Vera has to summon up the courage to face her fears head-on. This book has elements of a thriller, horror, and sci-fi thrown in. This blend of genres made the book an immersive reading experience. I was on the edge of my seat in the entire second half of the story. I enjoyed this book and its concept so much!

Dreamer is also still available to purchase in ebook, print or audiobook!

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