Updates! Release date for “Dreamer” (3.18.2022) & Audiobook for “In Search of Amika” is now available for purchase

Dreamer is due to be out on March 18, 2022.* Pre-orders for ebook and print are still open! Not only but Dreamer got it’s first review, on The Writer Mage for the Black Author spotlight. The review is short but sweet:

I started reading this one recently, and it’s descriptive and imaginative, and this cover is ethereally creepy. Vera and the characters around her are fleshed out well. I’ve stumbled on the first creepy moment in the story, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I don’t plan to commonly showcase reviews (in part because I don’t prefer to read them) but since this was a first one, it bears mentioning.

As for In Search of Amika, the audiobook is finally available to purchase online. Already you can listen to a 15 minute preview on the Published Works page and from there, you can also purchase the audiobook everywhere audiobooks are available. Here is also a roundup of audiobook, ebook and print book links for In Search of Amika.


*Editor’s Note: I noticed I already posted the release date for Dreamer on the blog itself but I only just updated it on the Published Works page, so that is the update. I noticed that could be baffling so yay, clarification.

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