New Book Coming Out in 2022: Dreamer (Pre-Orders Available in November!)

Smoothed out all the to-do’s with In Search of Amika, so time to reveal the next book: Dreamer.

Everyone, behold – the cover:

Isn’t the cover just lovely? Created by Edge, who also did the cover for In Search of Amika, the cover is stunning.

Dreamer is a Young Adult Horror Fantasy novella that will be coming out in 2022. Quite possibly mid-2022.

The premise of the book:

Vera has unusual dreams, anything she dreams comes alive. Dream Traveling, her family calls it. Doing it all her life, it doesn’t affect Vera as much as it used to. She has her rules and her methods, as long as she follows them, all is fine.

Until she saw something she discovered she couldn’t handle. Now, her dreams are plagued by The Hunter, a deadly character that wants nothing more than to haunt her mind and leave behind a bloody spree. Vera must find a way to get The Hunter out of her head before he makes sure she never wakes up again.

So much for “sweet dreams”.

The book will be available for pre-order in print and ebook format, audiobook will come out when the book does. Pre-ordering will be live soon, in November 2021.

Please note! This book will not only be longer than In Search of Amika (which was a novelette) but also will be the first book I put out that will have a caution page. I already wrote up about having warning pages/caution pages but yup, Dreamer will have one. And I’m excited, because I can be as vivacious and vicious as I like. And I shall.


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