Changes to Patreon

My Patreon has laid fallow for quite some time. I gave it a gander and through the distance of time, I saw there were a lot of things that could be tweaked and less-formulaic. Especially now since I follow two Patreons so I see what is received on the patron end, now.

The changes:

Lesser tiers: Bro, no one needs to empty out their pockets that much for me. Not to the tune of $50, $75 and more. It’s unrealistic and I don’t like it. $1, $5, $25 is enough. I just have the major jump because I’m throwin’ in an audio cast at $25, which is extra production. And I’m a touch lazy.

More human-y letter/intro: The current intro sounds like one of those high-octane “Seen on TV” type things. This is what I get for taking suggestions and most of them pretty much went “Break it down, like it’s a business plan at Forbes”. Reading the intro reminded me why I despise business-y talk and Forbes. Of course, mark out the “this is why your patronage helps” and “this is what you get” but how about like a regular person? And not like someone desperate to use their MBA.

Some posts are gunna go bye-bye: I think some of the posts were me simply trying to ride the struggle bus towards some version of success – but the issue with that is literally everything. No works out for public viewing, nothing, it’s hard to sell a product that frankly does not exist in the public sphere. Simply because I wanted to make sure it would get shopped around enough by journals. That’s goin’ about as lol-worthy as to be expected. But that’s another post for another time.


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