I modded the story “In Search of Amika”. It is no longer a short story, it’s now at novelette status (woo? I made this story in effort to be less long-winded, and stay under 5000 words. It’s double that now.) It’s roughly 2,000 words shorter than The Glassman, which was intended to be a novelette.

With In Search of Amika (it does deserve the italics because it is out of “short story” status), I added a longer ending. Beta readers and I all felt the ending ended too quickly (because I noticed I was over 5000 words so I subconsciously started to take a “rocks fall, everybody dies” approach) so this means the story changed radically, ending-wise. This new version will not be getting placed on Wattpad, it is currently going to get shopped around first to places that publish novelettes. I will be eventually getting around to posting “Mika’s Robot” but I want to get these works out of the way and to give Mika’s Robot (I forgot it is novella status for a second there, I suuuuuck at remembering word counts) another look-through to ensure I’m actually going to be okay with it going up.

I still haven’t typed Reflectors, yet, which sorta breaks my rules if I just start on the next book project. I don’t want to have a backed up pile of books to type and I have to switch mindsets. Then again, it might be a good thing. As long as I have a complete, written work, I should be fine. That was always the problem with me, I would not finish my writings. Now, I have a bunch of writings that are pandering my attention because they are done. I don’t wanna put too much pressure on myself because if I do, it makes me not want to write. I know this from experience.

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