Gonna toss up some more stories

I waaaaaaaaaaaaas gonna throw up some stories on a super delay but I just learned Wattpad schedules nothing and I’m quite forgetful. That and my “works” bar is super bare with just “In Search for Amika”. I’m prolly gonna kick myself later for this because this is not going to be the norm buuuut, I’m going to do it this time. Originally, I planned to post one new story a month, novel chapters every two weeks but this is simply going to be the running start, especially since Aug is seriously close around the corner. The new stories coming up in a day or two:

  • “Move” – A short story about a man that simply can’t catch a break. All he wants to do is move his car and be on time!
  • “Runoff” – A short story about a woman lost in the forest being found by a suspicious and haunting creature ever so pleased to find a companion.
  • “Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes” – A short story about a young girl making a hard choice to help alleviate her mother’s stressful life by preying on someone else.

This will make for four starter stories and, boom, thar ya go, I will have something to start on. The next new story will be in September. I still don’t know if I’m going to post one story per month but that’s the game plan now. If I have a novel being done at the same time, I’m very much probably going to post a new short story every two months.

I said this previously but all short stories will be made with this type cover:

Walking in someone elses shoes cover

Novels will have their own covers. Or at least so I’m hopin’.

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