Moar Ink

I said that only got two new inks in my last post about my new ink journal.

I lied!

I got more – and I also became very done with ink procurement because my brain said so.

Shortly after procuring Monarcha’s Cielo Cruel and Birmingham’s Tesla Coil, I got Colorverse’s a Cnc (Cancer zodiac) ink and three samples of golden non-shimmer inks so I can slate them for a future work title The Golden Boys, which I wanted to write in a golden ink but not a shimmer ink because I still worry about clogs even though it only really happened once.

The new (and – for now – final) inks:

Colorverse – aCnc (Cancer Zodiac)

Monteverde – Lion

Diamine – Honey Blast

Colorverse – Dan Hwang

These inks are light. Dan Hwang is a see-through ink, meaning I can see through it in my pen, which I always wanted. I also am glad I got samples instead of bottles this time because 1) bottles are pricy 2) the bottles of Monteverde’s Lion and Diamine’s Honey Blast were not pretty (I saw the 30ml bottles, bleh) 3) I do not see myself writing payloads of work in these colors, just one standalone book. In other words, I don’t need a big bottle of ink, one 3ml vial can fully charge my pen and I can write 60 journal pages on one full vial. I have 180 pages divided across 3 60-pg signatures (a signature is a bundle of folded paper) so 3 vials of 3ml ink should be enough to exhaust for the book without leaving me with a payload of ink behind for me to stare at and go “Now, what the heck am I going to do with all this?” Colorverse’s Cancer/aCnc is a very light ink, it’s basically Colorverse’s take on Ferris Wheel Press’ Dusk in Bloom. I probably could not tell the two inks apart if they were on the same page unless I staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaared at it for a while.

I mainly wanted to get a Colorverse bottle because their bottles are cute, they look like little, round birds. They are also hueg af, they’re almost in direct competition with Ferris Wheel Press’s orb bottles. Now I have a Colorverse bottle. The itch has been scratched and I am fine.

Tho! I am asking one of my friends in S. Korea to fence me a sample of Colorverse’s Butterfly Nebula. I don’t want the whole 65ml bottle, I already have two bottles of shimmer ink on hand, just a sample because I don’t use shimmer very much. (Currently, shimmer inks are relegated to me staring at them in adoration, signing books and very, very short stories if inspired to do so) Samples are great for things like this.

Also, I am glad I have an ultrasonic cleaner because Tesla Coil is a really stubborn ink to clean out if I’m using a super light ink behind it – I tested with Dan Hwang, there was Tesla Coil still in the pen hidden somewhere. I just used a drop of soap on the nib part in the water while it sat in the ultrasonic and that cleaned the Tesla Coil right out. I had no idea I ran out of pen flush, though. I thought I still had some laying around.

I think it is safe to say, I have more than enough ink to last me a while. Even if I give vials of it to friends (which I do, I like sending out fountain pen ink to writers of color I know who have fountain pens, especially if they are super new to having a fountain pen and learn that ink is almost never included with a new pen), I have payloads of ink left. Only certain inks of mine are slated for particular works but the rest are free range, whatever-is-in-my-spirit inks.

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