New Work coming out September 16, 2022: Kinetics! Cover Reveal on Bookish Brews

Bookish Brews is doing a reveal of the cover of my next book, Kinetics! I even did a small interview there. Go check it out!

Coming out on September 16, 2022! Kinetics is a YA paranormal horror novella.

Ava and Tyrone always shared everything. As twins, they were always two parts of a whole. But one day, Ava discovers that she is part of a much bigger whole. And Tyrone wants nothing more than for Ava to take part … or take her apart instead.

Now Ava faces a decision: either be by Tyrone’s side or become another one of his victims. 

Doesn’t matter to Tyrone, as long as he has her abilities – one way or another.

Pre-orders are available now.

If you’re possibly wondering “didn’t you already put out a book this year?” Yep! Dreamer was supposed to be out in 2021 but that didn’t happen so 2022 is a twofer. It will be 1 book a year usually – 2, if my brain can take it. If I miss a year, that’s fine, but right now, this is how things are done. The Published Works page will also be soon updated to reflect the new work.

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