Updates! Book cover of “In Search of Amika”

Woo, updates. I don’t post much but I work aplenty. Especially during these current events.

To announce, fantasy novelette In Search of Amika finally has a title and a publication date.

The art is made by Edge. I am always astonished by her works and am thrilled to have her works on my books. I have been looking at her art for years.

The publication date is September 25, 2020. Preorders will be available soon, mid/early August!

The blurb:

Nothing is going right for Keyona. Hapless and jobless with a fresh college degree, all Keyona wants is to find decent work. 

One night, something pulls Keyona through her bed and brings her to the distant lands of Rulo, thrown into the sandy pit of her summoner, Ipkuni.

Ipkuni is desperate to find their long lost friend, Amika. One way or another, Ipkuni is determined to find her. Though bemused to receive Keyona instead, a thought struck Ipkuni – perhaps Keyona could be of some good use. She had to arrive for a reason. 


I am glad that this is finally done, it took a while. The book will be in print, ebook and audiobook form, available everywhere such forms are sold.

Though a bit early to say, the next book following up after In Search of Amika will be the contemporary fantasy novella Dreamer.

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