Year of submissions

I started to send my works out for publication a year ago today. It’s the first year of me doing it!

Within the first year of publishing, one story was bought, “Runoff” by Nightlight, a Black horror podcast. It is still getting worked on for publication between the editor and I. I think that’s not too bad for a first year since some don’t sell for a long time. 

I have plenty of works in many submission places right now. I even have something in Pitch Wars. I also got rejected a lot. Good grief!

It was a learning experience. I had to learn Shunn Manuscript format, I procured beta readers, things like that. I never made an agent query letter until two weeks ago, I didn’t know novella and short story submissions needed cover letters, and I also learned that while I can write a synopsis, I strongly dislike to to do so. Bruh. 

I am most amazed at how much work I can create in a year. I have made several novellas and countless short stories. And I didn’t need Wattpad at all! So glad I tore it down. It didn’t have any views anyways – no really, the views stayed as 0 or one because I reviewed it on a different screen. Completely not worth it. 

I hope I can sell something else in year 2

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