Instead of WattPad, I’ll probably do Self-Pub

I have been fussing a lot about WattPad in the past few posts. There’s just so much that I don’t like about them and I just don’t think it makes sense to suffer to use the website. Yes, it can get me new readers but frankly, so can other methods.

Besides, I originally planned to self-pub some of my works when I started this. It’s why this place is called “MultiMind Publishing”. I already knew from jump that some of my works are not very publishable for a variety of reasons. Self-Pub would be the location for that. I just adopted to WattPad because I thought it would be easier. It ain’t.

I already know how to turn documents into e-pub, I already know how to design a book (and the artists I plan to ask to make covers for it), I already know how to do these many things. And I also know it is easier to self-pub for me than fight with WattPad, which is a tad bit concerning.

Then there’s the fact that I can’t risk placing my works up on Wattpad and lose First Publishing Rights if I submit them to publishers. I think almost every one of my stories are sitting in front of a publisher somewhere. That leaves the WattPad hecka lean. So lean, it’s pointless.

I think I feel this way because WattPad is frustrating and at the end of it all, it’s for free. You’re getting paid in “exposure”. No. Way.

So, this means I am going to revamp my methods a little bit. That means shut down the WattPad (probably going to be gone by the time of posting). There’s only two stories on it and I can upload those to Patreon since they are non-sci-fi/fantasy. I’ll put up my works on the usual spaces where you can buy e-books. They won’t be pricey (prolly $5 at the worst since I’ll be new to all of this) and I can smartly put snaps of the book on the Patreon (finally using it like I should).

The first self-pub work is predictably going to be Mika’s Robot. It’s a vignette so difficult to publish. Now that I’m going towards this method, this means I can post snippets on Patreon. Yaaaaay. Getting rid of WattPad also gives me one less thing to worry about and manage.

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