It has been forevars

Then again, I never said I'd post a bunch - gets in the way of writing. I've been thinking of splitting up my works a little more. I've join Beta Books so all beta readers are in the same place (well, new ones. The old betas prefer the old method). Some works are simply just... Continue Reading →

Year of submissions

I started to send my works out for publication a year ago today. It's the first year of me doing it! Within the first year of publishing, one story was bought, "Runoff" by Nightlight, a Black horror podcast. It is still getting worked on for publication between the editor and I. I think that's not... Continue Reading →

The Gameplan with Wattpad

My Wattpad is hecka bare and I want to change that...then I get distracted and it doesn't happen. When I first started Wattpad, I was just going to randomly throw stories up there. Now that several are trying to get published in lit journals, most of my works are le missin'! This leads to a... Continue Reading →

Reflectors and Sexual Assault in Literature

Soooo, Reflectors has a sexual assault in it. For this reason alone, I'm not going to submit it for any publications but it's going up on Wattpad instead. The act isn't super white-dude-writer gratuitous, just enough to definitely count. And to definitely strike me out from several publications right off the bat and for good reason.... Continue Reading →

How I Do Things

Ok, I said I was gonna write about how I make my works. I did it a bit on my Twitter: Here's how I do it, broken down: 0. Consult and work on section in Masterbook I build the story and all the elements that need to happen in it in the Masterbook. The section... Continue Reading →

The Masterbook

Ok everyone, this post is about the book that makes the stories possible now, the Masterbook.   This book is handmade by me, took about a week to put together (the caterpillar stitch was the longest part, 3 days alone) and exists the brainwork of all the novels, novellas currently worked on. It's pretty much... Continue Reading →

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