Soap and Ink

I write with a fountain pen. That means I use fountain pen ink. This means that fountain pen ink gets on my hands and won’t come off. I have a special inkwell for my pen so that I have minimal ink on my hands but still, some gets on there. I have worn disposable gloves... Continue Reading →

New Ink Journal!

I designed, printed and handstitched a new ink journal because one didn't exist for the paper I use to write my novels and stories, Southworth. Fun fact about the covers: they were supposed to go on a journal I stitched for Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance ... but I lost them. Thus, he got... Continue Reading →

Ow, My Hand

I handwrite the vast majority of my works. I use a fancy fountain pen to do it. I write my works in one sitting. (My current record: 60,000 words in 7 days). I type my handwritten works almost right after into Zenwriter in roughly 2-3 days, sometimes 4. The works are usually typed in half... Continue Reading →

Glass Dip Pen!

I got a glass dip pen, partly because of the new upcoming book that’s coming out after Kinetics, partly because I always wanted a glass dip pen. They’re pretty! Mah Glass Dip Pen! With Cap! (That Doesn't Post)! I remember staring at more traditional glass dip pens in Barnes & Nobles when I was a... Continue Reading →

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