Patreon, Twitch & Discord

Help support my work! Interact with other MMP readers! Buy hand bound books!

Become a patron on Patreon. Patreon is a site designed to help support artists and creators with pledges. There are various tiers of rewards starting at $1. By supporting MultiMind Publishing on Patreon, you also will have access to special content, such as looking at rough drafts, skeleton journals, buying hand stitched books and 3D Print.

All pledge rewards will arrive a little after the start of the month.

Twitch Creative
Twitch Creative is for creators who make things and want to livestream the creation process. Watch me make books for my stories. You can donate during the stream, showing your support. Subscribe to the stream, Patreon, Discord or on twitter to learn when the streams are happening.

Also, it’s Twitch. I may game for funsies when I don’t have a major work load.

Discord is a chat room where you can talk with others in various servers. There is already a specific server for MMP readers. I am frequently in the chat so feel free to talk! There is the #general room for general chatter and #bookbinding for those who are interested.

The rules are few and far but mainly, hate speech is instabanned. Same for Twitch chats.

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