Not Dead, Just Working

Gosh, have I done work, even in the middle of a plague. Things have halted but, yay, having an editor and artist. So, things are happening, I just suck at updating.

Year end stuff

Woo. Year end stuff. Yup. Yeeeeeeeap. Things. Gah, I don't know what to say. Things are pretty quiet so far. I got a story officially published this year, "Null (Void)", by Nightlight Podcast. It is in dramatic audio form so that means sound effects and suches. That was an experience and a half. Did PitMad... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Content Warnings

I made a "content warning" mock up a long while ago (sticky note) and just recently, I put it into an actual work. This is in the Beta Reader copies of novella Kinetics. I slapped that in there because, well, the story gets really, really dark. If it were a small smack of both contents, I... Continue Reading →

Thoughts and musings

Works that plan on being indie pub: Galaxia Mika's Robot Works that will try to be traditionally published Everything else (lolz) No seriously: Dreamer The Glassman Butterfly Reflectors Kinetics etc These are all works lined up to be in front of or already are in front of publishers/agents for consideration. Ditto with literally all my... Continue Reading →

Year of Submissions: Year 2

Second year of me puttin' my works out there. The story that was acquired in year one, "RunOff" was kill fee'd (contract nullified) by Nightlight - but they recently bought "Null(Void)", which can be listened to here. Yay, narration! Not much has really changed outside of the fact I have seriously been working more on... Continue Reading →

Changes to Patreon

My Patreon has laid fallow for quite some time. I gave it a gander and through the distance of time, I saw there were a lot of things that could be tweaked and less-formulaic. Especially now since I follow two Patreons so I see what is received on the patron end, now. The changes: Lesser... Continue Reading →

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